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  Tuesday 26 September 2017  

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Menorca Photography Tours

At Menorca Photography Tours we believe that we have something here that is second to none. And that is the LIGHT you can take some amazing shots.
Not the run of the mill photographs but, what we call Hidden Menorca Photos.

Menorca Photography Tours
All you need is to know where to go.

That’s where we come in, we have been living on the island for many years and know many of its secrets that the normal tourist just does not get to see.

And we would like to share some of those with you. From incredible gorges to virgin beaches to the archaeology that make Menorca famous.

We do tours all year round because things change so quickly here. Flowers that come out in the country side in spring which disappear as quickly as they came. Dry river beds that suddenly return to life to become fast flowing rivers in winter. Different birds that come and go as the seasons change.

Huge caves where the door ways have become so overgrown in winter that you would never know they existed except, for the fact that you were shown where they are, and the virgin beaches that change from roaring surfs in winter to crystal blue lapping water in summer.

Our tours consist of 2 sections morning and evenings, Because that is where the best light is.

On the morning tour you will be collected at 8am and taken to different destinations where Jon our expert along with our other staff will try to advise you on the best way to get that incredible shot you have only dreamed of.

This will finish at around 12am when we find somewhere shaded and have a packed lunch and refreshments supplied free of charge and discuss what you have achieved for your mornings work.

Our tours in the evening start at 6pm and run until the sun goes down where hopefully we will get some amazing shots of sunsets. We then sit with some refreshments and discuss any questions you may have in connection with your evenings work.

These tours are for anyone interested in photography from total beginners with a point and shoot camera or amateur and professionals alike.

We realise that everyone that comes to Menorca does not want to hire a car so, what better way to see some of the best that Menorca has to offer.

Menorca Photography Tours

Any questions you may have, you can contact us directly at menorcaphotographytours@gmail

See our face book page Menorca Photography Tours.

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