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Menorca information and services Page

The new international Emergency telephone number available in Europe the number is 112 in Menorca it is a free call 24 hours a day for Police, Fire or Ambulance English and German is spoken
Length 35 miles/56 Km
Width average 9 miles/14.5 Km
Distance London 1.000 miles/1600 Km
Distance Majorca 25 miles/40 Km
Distance Barcelona 140 miles/224 Km
Highest point 1.000 ft Monte Toro
Population Approximately 90.000
The UK Consulate is at Palma de Mallorca: Pza. Mayor, 3d. Tel. 971 712445.

France Consulate address is:- Deya 30 Mao Tel 971 35 43 87
Germany Consulate address is:- San Andreu 32 Mao Tel 971 36 16 68
Netherlands Consulate address is:- Angel 10 Mao Tel 971 35 43 63

All dates are approximate and timetables aren't finalised until the day before sometimes.
  • Alaior, Fiesta de Sant Llorenc First two weeks in August.
  • Cala en Porter, late in September usualy arround the 19th - 20th.
  • Ciutadella, Fiesta de San Juan around the 23rd June, the Sunday before San Juan.
  • Es Castell, Fiesta de Sant Jaume on or after the 21th July on.
  • Ferreries, Fiesta de Sant Bartomeu after the 23rd August.
  • Fornells, Fiesta Sant Jaume last weekend in July.
  • Mao, Fiesta Sant Gaieta 6/7th to the 9/10th September.
  • Mercadal, Fiesta de Sant Marti Third weekend in July
  • Migjorn, Gran Fiesta de Sant Cristofol Last weekend in July
  • Sant Climent, Fiesta de Sant Climent Third weekend in August
  • Sant Lluis, Fiesta de Sant Lluis Last week in August
  • Mahon Guardia Civil Tel. 971 36 29 97. For emergencies Tel 062
  • Ciutadella: Tel. 971 38 02 99. For emergencies Tel 062

In an emergency, dial 091 (special service) and these police will send the necessary help. Municipal Police offices are found at local Town Halls.

Fire Service

  • For all Menorca Tel. 971 35 10 11
Medical services
  • Ambulance Tel 061
  • Mahon Residencia Sanitaria, Tel. emergencies only after 5 pm: 971 15 77 00.
  • Ciudadella: Ambulatorio, Centro de Salud Canal Salat. Tel. 971 48 01 11 / 4801 12.

The shops with a green cross outside in spain are called "Farmacias" Most close at the weekends but there is always one on duty in each town. See the rota in the chemists' doorways. Most resorts also have medical centres and chemists, open during the tourist season.

  • Mahon every Tuesday and Saturday [Plus there will be a MONDAY market in during July /Aug]
  • Ciutadella every Friday and Saturday
  • Es Castell every Monday and Wednesday
  • Alaior Thursdays only
  • Ferreries Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Most markets finish around noon so get there early.
Opening times usually 09.00 - 13.30 and 16.30/17.00 - 20.30.
  • Large supermarkets open Mon. - Sat. 09.00 - 21.00, and some on Sunday mornings. (Some small shops open until 10.00). Except in the resorts in season.
Open Monday to Saturday, 09.00 14.00>

There are now ATMs in almost all the resorts around the island
Many banks have special exchange facilities in the holiday resorts Euro cheques and credit cards are accepted in many establishments throughout the Island. Most restaurants will exchange travellers cheques if you are short of cash, but it's wise to ask first.

There are telephone boxes in all resorts, towns and all over the Island.

Dialing long distance
Dial 00, then dial the code of country (e.g. 44 (U. K.), then regional code, omitting first 0,(e,g 113 not 0113) then the phone number.

  • There are three "Gasolineras" in Mahon
  • one in Alayor,
  • one at Mercadal,
  • one on the Fornells road,
  • one in San Luis,
  • one on Mahon -San Luis road,
  • three in Ciudadella area
  • two between Mahon and Alayor.

These are self-service only, fill up and pay in the office, please note at some stations you have to pay first then fill up. Lead-free petrol is called "gasolina sin plomo".

When turning right, motorcyclists should make a 'halt' sign with their left hand. (took me a while to work that one out)
CEDA EL PASO means GIVE-AWAY. In Spain it is usual to give way to the RIGHT

If in a hired car, always carry with you: Hire documents, Driving Licence and a Photocopy of your Passport.

Drive on the RIGHT of the road. Seat belts are compulsory. Traffic police fine visitors on the spot. Children must be seated in the back of the car.

Wherever parking is prohibited by a VADO PERMANENTE sign, don't risk it. The police may tow the car away. A yellow triangle is left on the pavement, indicating where the car has been towed off to.

PAY and DISPLAY meters: Minimum charge 15 centimos. Tariffs are displayed on the meters. n Case of accident

  • 1. Get other car's licence number and the driver's name and address (if Spanish, ask for his identity card no. -D.N.I.)
  • 2. Check driver's Insurance Company name. If he refuses, call the police.
  • 3. If there are injuries, do not move the vehicle. call the police.
  • 4. If there are no injuries, the police are not required/interested
  • 5. Inform your insurance agent as soon as possible [with in two hours]. If it is a hired car, the hire company is the agent.
Mahon Airport Tel. 971 15 70 00 IBERIA,
Spain's airline, Tel. 902 400 500.
Transmediterranea Ferries
Estacion Maritima,
Port of Mahon
Office open 08.00 to 13.00 & 17.00 to 19.00
Tel: 971 36 30 92

Iscomar Ferries
Ciutadella to Alcudia (Majorca)
Tel: 971 48 42 16
Office times not known.

  • The cathedral is in Ciudadella.
  • The "Santa Maria" is the parish church of Mahon
  • Monte Toro. On the summit there is a sanctuary dedicated to the Patroness Virgen de Menorca.
  • There is a Spanish Evangelical church in Mahon and Es Castell.
  • Mahon lgiesia Evangelica, Angel 2, Tel. 97 136 27 57.
  • Es Castell: Ntra Sra. del Rosario, cl Victori, and Iglesia Evangelica, cl Jose Antonio.
  • Anglican Church: Services of Holy Communion are held at the Church of Santa Margarita, cl Stuart 20, Es Castell. Tel 971 35 23 78.

Please note the above was correct at the time of writing and as I become aware of any changes I alter this information as necessary.

Please note all phone numbers are as far as I know correct, but they may change.
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