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Walks in Menorca Son Bou

Walking S'Algar, Cala Alcufar, Biniancola.
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The walk is not difficult although the pathways can be uneven and rocky in places.
2, Part of the walk used roads which do not have a pathway at the road side, so care should be taken if you have young children.

The total length is just over 5.8Km, 3.5Km from S'Algar to Punta Prima and 2.3Km Punta prima to Biniancola.

Starting at the Lido in S'Algar follow the rocky shore line to Cala Alcufar [1Km] cross the beach towards the back if it looking for the well worn path heading west. From here you will pick up the Cami de Cavalls marker posts which will take you to Punta Prima. On the way it's worth stopping off at the martello tower just south of Cala Alcufar.

On reaching Punta prima [3.5Km] you can stop for a cooling dip in the sea, call for a drink at one of the cafe/restaurants or carry on to Biniancola. Follow the road in between the shops/bars and the beach, keep left in front of the hotel Xaloc and walk up the slight hill signposted 'Mirador'. At the top turn right, follow the road to the end where you'll find the sign for the Cami de Cavalls.

The path to Biniancola again follows the coast across the rock keeping close to the sea. It's only just over 2Km from Punta Prima to Biniancola, a short 30 - 40 minutes walk.

What to take:

Good walking shoes, sun hat, sun cream, a large bottle of water, swim wear and towel if you plan a dip in the sea at either S'Algar, Cala Alcufar, Punta Prima or biniancola.

Quiet Menorca Cala Alcufar.
Walking in Menorca at Son Bou
Leave the crowds, follow the Cami de Cavalls

The martello tower at Cala Alcufar.
Menorca quarys
Illa del Aire at Punta Prima.
Menorca walking
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