MenorcaBritannia guided tour of Bilbao & La Rioja

Any general questions, tips or information, best beaches, great days and nights out in Menorca.
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MenorcaBritannia guided tour of Bilbao & La Rioja

Post by Slartibartfast » July 22nd, 2019, 10:57 am

MenorcaBritannia trip to Bilbao & La Rioja 27th March—01st April, 2020
Each year MenorcaBritanna plan a short fully guided trip to various destinations in Spain. This years trip was to Jerez ... _Jerez.php

Next year they are planning a to go to Bilbao & La Rioja ... 0Rioja.php Although first planned for members anyone interested, member or not are welcome to join them.

The trip is flexible enough to allow any one in the UK to arrange flights independently and join the tour in Bilbao, which a few including us do. If you are interested please contact Bryce Lyons in the first instance who will give you the full details.

Price for resident members (with travel discount) per person in double room:-- 639 €uros
Supplements Single room supplement 178 €uros
Add 160 € for non residents without travel discount (flying from/return to Menorca)
Members flying direct from UK deduct 95 € (arrange your own flights)
Add 50 €uros for non members to all prices


The Association is registered in Spain as a non-profit making organisation.

To further the close relationships between the people of Menorca and the British residents and visitors.

To organise guided excursions and cultural events to encourage a better knowledge of Menorca, and of the past and present historic relationship between the Island and the United Kingdom.

The organisation of educational activities to encourage and promote a better understanding of the young people of Menorca of their historic and cultural heritage.

The organisation of any activity, sporting, cultural or educational to enhance the relationship between the Menorquin and British communities.

The activity of the Association is not restricted toMenorca but is able to operate throughout the Kingdom of Spain and the United Kingdom.

To encourage the formation of delegations in all the municipalities of Menorca operating as sub-committees of the General Executive Committee.
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