Cala'n Bosch v Cala'n Forcat

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Cala'n Bosch v Cala'n Forcat

Post by Iloveholidays » September 27th, 2015, 1:42 pm

I'm considering booking Cala'n Bosch for our family holiday next year as the place seems to have good reviews and along with the hotels there. But years ago I went to Cala'n Forcat when my son was a baby and found the place to be very small with not a lot to do, can anybody who has visited both places tell me if Cala'n Bosch is similar ? I have two children now who are still quite young but like somewhere busy with lots to do for the children.

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Re: Cala'n Bosch v Cala'n Forcat

Post by trevx » September 29th, 2015, 10:23 am

Hi and welcome to the site!

I'm loathe to favour one resort above another as we all have our favourites. Having said that, I think Cala'n Bosch may offer you and your children more than Cala'n Forcat because there are 2 reasonable sized sandy beaches in the resort which are more limited in Forcat.

Suggest you have a stroll around on Google maps to get a feel for the 2 areas and have a look at what's been posted on the resort topics.

Let us know how you get on.


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Re: Cala'n Bosch v Cala'n Forcat

Post by Slartibartfast » September 29th, 2015, 11:34 am

[quote="But years ago I went to Cala'n Forcat when my son was a baby and found the place to be very small with not a lot to do, [/quote]

I haven't been to either Calan Bosc or Calan Forcat for a number of years, so they may have changed. But .... Calan Forcat has always been regarded as the biggest, brashest and busiest on Menorca. Menorca in general is very quite compared with its sister Islands and the mainland, so if you're looking for lots of touristy places to visit and be entertained, you may struggle on Menorca.
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Re: Cala'n Bosch v Cala'n Forcat

Post by Sue Adderley » October 3rd, 2015, 5:53 pm


I went to Cala'n Forcat over 20 years ago, and actually swore I'd never return to Menorca again after the experience, due to there being nothing of any interest there, and the 'beach' being the size of your foot! (Glad I was persuaded to change my mind)!

Personally I would say that Cala'n Bosch would be much better for you (but others may disagree)! There are 2 sandy beaches (a lot bigger than the offering at Forcat), the beach at Xoriguer has all sorts of water-sports going on. There's a marina with bars/restaurants, a water-park/go-kart track, and lots of 'kiddy' stuff going on, from what I can gather. It's also quite close to Ciutadella, the old capital, and I believe that some hotels run free bus services there.

We're based in Son Bou, but always make the trip over to Cala'n Bosch for a day, but have never returned to Cala'n Forcat (and never will - no offence Forcat lovers)! :smile:


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Re: Cala'n Bosch v Cala'n Forcat

Post by Richard Sinormous » January 24th, 2016, 6:48 pm

Out of the two, definitely cala'n Bosch. more varied shops, bars and better beaches, BUT if you ask me then I'd say Cala Galdana... best overall resort by far.

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Re: Cala'n Bosch v Cala'n Forcat

Post by Annie41 » February 1st, 2016, 5:11 pm

I love to visit both resorts when I go to Menorca! I stayed away from Cala'n Forcat for a good few years because it was too busy/commercialised but I have loved it in the last few years now that there appear to be more locals!

Cala'n Bosch has two great beaches, an aqua park, loads of restaurants. The little coves in Cala'n Forcat are perhaps not as good for younger children. Having said that, the beach at Cala'n Blanes (which is at one end of the resort at Cala'n Forcat) is lovely. Cala'n Forcat has a small aqua park and lots of the restaurants have play facilities.

If I were you, I would look at what kind of accommodation you want first. The Talayot in Cala'n Forcat has self catering apartments, loads of pools, entertainment for the children (but no air conditioning!). The apartments are dated but well equipped. In Cala'n Bosch there are loads more hotels and apartments. I think they all look great and vary quite a bit with facilities.

Both resorts have a great bus service to Ciutadella, which is lovely.

Good luck

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