Compostela opening

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Compostela opening

Post by mthompson1875 » November 28th, 2019, 11:17 pm

Spotted on Facebook that Compostela still opening late November. Wondering if this is normal or a new development towards more off season opening!? I have always wanted to visit outside school hols in the Summer but my other half refuses on the basis of patchy weather and nowt open! Suppose it’s the chicken and egg situation of nothing opening because nobody there and vice versa. Maybe one day a couple of budget carriers and a few bars will take a chance and an avalanche of off season visitors will begin!
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Re: Compostela opening

Post by Sue Adderley » November 29th, 2019, 4:48 pm


Opening this late in the year is certainly a new development, as far as I'm concerned. Although I know that Es Forn Restaurant in Torre Soli is also staying open at weekends throughout this winter.

We always visit for Christmas, and usually the only place open is the little bakery, Mon-Fri, between mid-morning and mid afternoon (but they do sell the odd alcoholic beverage, as well as coffee/soft drinks and pastries). So it'll be interesting to see if Compostella is still open when we arrive this year. :smile:

I do remember a time, when the bowling alley was still open, that Arthur's stayed open all winter and we enjoyed a paella there during one Christmas break, albeit with a spectacular thunderstorm going on overhead :shock: It was a real shame when the bowling alley closed down, as they were the only venue in the resort that opened practically every day of the year and still had entertainment on during the winter. They were even open on Christmas Day, and it was nice to be able to stop off for a tipple following lunch at our friend's place in Es Castell. :jozza: Those were the days!

Sue :partyman:

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