Holiday reveiw and concerns !!

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Holiday reveiw and concerns !!

Post by Johnnyg » August 1st, 2017, 2:14 pm

Hi Everyone,
Just returned from another wonderful and memorable two weeks in our second home. Enjoyed all our usual haunts visiting the friends we have made over the years. We additionally enjoyed the Capo Italian this year, Andres has had a nice make over and the food as always superb. Mai Tai’s have added some cushions to the seats which improved the comfort, as every great cocktails and ambience.
Sadly, we missed Jose in his bar who was missing for the two weeks, (Josephs Place) his welcome and attentive service was very much missing. I can only hope someone advises the new guy to leave his phone at home and pay more attention to his guests. We will only use Atalis for Tapas from now on following four very disappointing meals and little care or consideration to our comments.
Was interesting to see the new stepped design plan the owners have proposed for the Twin Towers. But if the back floors are still at the same height, what’s the point. I hope the Menorca n’s stick to their guns and insist on having it replace to four eight story blocks.
But more of a concern is the ongoing erosion of the beach, we had always used the far left next to the rocks, but the sand washed away from there a few years ago. This year we noted the beach is half the size from dunes to surf that it was five years ago, a complete row of sunbeds have had to be remove this year. We visited Santa Tomas for the afternoon where we seen that the right hand beach had completely gone leaving bare rocks , whilst the left hand side is half what is was.
It must be a major concern for all those who live, work and holiday in SonBou, one good winter storm could see all the sand up to the dunes washed back into the sea.
Until next year

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Re: Holiday reveiw and concerns !!

Post by SusieH » August 1st, 2017, 6:00 pm

Thanks for a great report Johnny :lol:

Shame about the beach though :???:
I'll stop moaning, when you give me a pay rise this :arms: big


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Re: Holiday reveiw and concerns !!

Post by SonBouSymey » August 11th, 2017, 5:43 pm

As not too much had changed we did not do a review as such this year but.......... reading this, must concur with the comments re Joseph's. We only pop in for a couple of drinks and a spot of lunch at the best of times but the service this year was awful. Pleasant people yes, but something has gone downhill in the kitchen. I can see this becoming another kitcat bar which is good for the money but not if you prefer going down the 'non Brit Bar' route. :grin:

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Re: Holiday reveiw and concerns !!

Post by DavidW » August 24th, 2017, 10:01 pm

Hello all.
Just wanted to add my comments ref Joseph's Bar.
This venue has always been part of our holiday for the last 15 years and Joe and his staff have always been consistently great with me and my family.
I was aware of the changes in ownership prior to my visit this year, but on arrival in Son Bou, we went for our first drink of the holiday in Joe's (tradition). We took a seat outside and waited to be served. We waited and waited and waited. We noticed another Customer inside waiting at the bar to pay for her food. She told me she had been there for 5 minutes. No one appeared to be around and so we decided to leave and unfortunately didn't return all holiday!
I do hope the new owners get to grip with the standard of service expected, otherwise regulars to Joseph's will very quickly go elsewhere!

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