Internet speeds/providers

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Re: Internet speeds/providers

Post by SusieH » October 10th, 2016, 7:27 am

Ahh I see, I'm with you now. Will have to give them a ring then. Thanks mate :lol:
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Re: Internet speeds/providers

Post by corsario » October 18th, 2019, 4:06 pm

Well, lucky me! My max speed is 386mb, in UK...Virgin fibre.
I get 14mb here in Menorca, so enough to stream all my Virgin TV services free of charge, which is excellent because I pay a lot per month in UK, but get the benefit of that in Menorca. So effectively, I can use my Virgin package anywhere, on a pc or phone, and I'm not paying for a service which is unused for several months of the year while I am in Menorca.
Of course, you can stream any service provider, but if you pay a lot for a high speed, consider using that service when you are on holiday.
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Re: Internet speeds/providers

Post by Rickse28 » April 30th, 2020, 10:52 pm

:rock: :???: I know it's a few months, er, down the line, but was wondering how you got on, Susie, with any upgrade - or not. I would like to add my experience, in south east London. We started WAY BACK with a company called Freeserve, which was bought up/swallowed up several times and eventually became part of EE. Each time the provider was sold on, two things happened. 1/ the service deteriorated (internet) 2/ the service deteriorated (customer relations). Eventually by about 2017 I was tearing out what little hair I had left. I used to phone them up monthly to complain and they would invariably ask me the same %&*@~$! questions, such as "Is the telephone wire connected?" and some such.
At that time Hyperoptic were laying in fibre optic cables in our area, so I asked around, to any neighbours who had taken up the service. They gave me pretty much the same answer - much better speeds, reliable service, good customer support. I went over to Hyperoptic for a modest increase in my monthly payments. It includes a landline, although I could not retain my old number. As I finished the EE contract a rep phoned me to offer a rescue deal. I told him no way Josea, because the download/upload speeds sucked. He said: "Well - you're using a BT landline, and you'll never get more than 12-13 MBPS from that." I'd been paying for 30 for years! No wonder they were losing customers.
I was glad I went over to fibre optic. I get a 150MBPS service nowadays for about one third more than I was paying with EE. A no-brainer.
As an aside, I am still trying to soften up my kids to relocate to Menorca (it could happen if the Spanish government plays ball after Covid-19). My son is not a happy bunny, because he thinks the internet will be dire there. Any computer types or film buffs who use a lot of bandwidth over there, who can help me placate my son and hair, sorry, heir?

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Re: Internet speeds/providers

Post by Shuggie » May 1st, 2020, 7:08 am

Most of the main towns now have fibre optic and you can expect speeds in excess of 50mbps. If you live in a rural area, as I do, Internet comes to the house via microwave line of sight antenna but speeds of 10mbps are still achievable. I rarely get a problem streaming TV, video, YouTube, it all works fine.
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