Nelsons Gastropub Son Vitamina

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Re: Nelsons Gastropub Son Vitamina

Post by Rickse28 » January 9th, 2020, 4:36 pm

The thread seems old now, so I would like any update. We were driving around Son Vit during summer hols, looking at properties to rent, but as I drove into the area I saw Nelson's Gastropub (Kiss me Hardy) on the right. :toasting: I couldn't go in as we were pushed for time, but I was wondering, should I put it into my notebook? Is it an ex-pat venue? I was searching on Google Earth, and someone has a London bus stop sign by their entrance. :lol: Did the pub change hands? Is it still going strong/ closed in winter? Answers pls on an electronic postcard (here!) :poking:

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